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Mypianobar-Soirée Corporate-le Faust
Mypianobar-Soirée Corporate

The idea is not new: Boris Vian had imagined the Pianocktail in l'Ecume des jours. Nuit d'ivresse was inspired by it and brought it to life.

From a superb upright piano from the 1920s, we have kept the authenticity of the wood species and shapes, to integrate a high-tech sound system and a professional bar, worthy of the finest hotels.

First redesigned and conceptualized by the Parisian designer Martin Camus, MyPianoBar was then entrusted to the emeritus cabinetmaker Laurent Rocca, so that he could carry out the modifications.

A pianist and a bartender gathered around the same instrument.

This unusual alliance fits perfectly into every place, to offer your guests a musical, interactive and warm experience.

MyPianoBar comes to you, and sets the tone for your events: Prohibition party to the sound of jazz and ragtime, Caribbean atmosphere and rum tasting, more Parisian atmosphere around a wine bar, or even happy Spritz to the sound of the Riviera Italian.

So let yourself be guided, order your cocktail, and give in to the intoxication of the music. Swap. Dance. Sing.

You don't have the lyrics? Don't panic, we have the solution

Mypianobar@One Point_Paris
Corporate party

Mypianobar@Le Bon Marche _ Paris
Corporate party

Mypianobar@Le Faust  _ Paris
Private party

Mypianobar@Veolia _ Paris
Corporate party

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