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Soiree Privée-Bar Mitsvah à Lille
cession acoustique-Soirée Privée Bar Mitsvah à Lille

DJ Live

  • PoP's Acoustic:

A trio of friends you would have dreamed of having!  At a cocktail party or during a dinner, on a beach, by the fire or on a terrace facing the sea, 3 singer-musicians (guitar, percussion and double bass) take you into their musical and friendly universe. Three unique and complementary voices make this talented interactive trio the essential element of a successful evening.



  • PoP's Live & Dj:

Add to this trio a Dj-Mc, a soul singer and a sublime singer and you get an explosive and interactive cocktail that totally revisits the concept of "  DJ-Live  "by becoming a"  Live & Dj  ". An incredible playlist ranging from electro to 60s pop alternating between live and Djing to make you sing and dance all night long.

Private party


Private  party

Private  party

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